canfitpro WorldFitnessExpo

*This post was written as part of the canfitpro WorldFitnessExpo blog ambassador program. 
Holy Man this is a fitness junkies dream! 

I had the priveledge of attending the canfitpro world fitness expo and it was amazing. There was so much to see and do! 

My first session was with Tosca Reno and she told us all her favorite super foods. I learned quite a bit today most importantly – chocolate is a superfood! Yeah! 

After that I was meandering around a stumbled upon the tramp class Tosca was teaching – she pulled me out there and I participated. 

Holy sweaty mess and No I can’t jump ! I almost ate it many times. 

Immediately after this I had the honor of interviewing Tosca , you can watch the interview here Q&A with Tosca Reno 

There are so many exhibitors here and tons of stuff to sample- I got pre workout for $5 Holla. 

Time to head out back out there and learn some muscle building tips from all these fitness professionals. 

Have a great weekend all. 


Meal Plan – Day 5 , 21 Day Fix 

Its Friday and my first Friday not being a vegan so guess what – I saved up all my carbs just so I could have pizza from my favorite local pizzeria . WORTH IT !

I was pretty good today , not perfect but ok .

Meal 1

1❤️ 2 eggs

1💚 sautéed veggies

 Meal 2

1❤️ chicken breast

1💚 romaine lettuce

1🍊 Caesar dressing ( not approved but only had a little) And some shredded cheese

Meal 3

1💛 1💚 1 💙 1❤️  = Pizza

Meal 4

1❤️ shakeology

3 💜 fruit

Cardio Fix will be done tonight !

A new look!

So , I have been pulling my hair out all day today trying to move my WordPress blog over to a self hosted site – Blue Host! I got it done! I was almost ready to call in the experts and pay the $129 for them to do it, but I buckled down – called […]

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A night at the Box and a Giveaway !

Today started out with a quick little run , just 1 mile for my Runners World #runstreak ! See – proof Gotta stay accountable! Then I took an a** whooping at Crissfut tonight, here was the WOD We did a 400m warm up run too, guess I didn’t need that mile this morning! The 800m […]

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Lunatik Athletiks Zuza Compression Socks GIVEAWAY!

IT”S A GIVEAWAY!!! The most amazing people over at Lunatik Athletik’s sent me a pair of their latest compression sock and I am going to be giving them away to 1 lucky follower! I have this pair of socks and I love them, you can see my review here   The contest starts at midnight […]

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Challenge MET!

I DID IT, I MET MY CHALLENGE GOAL! If you read yesterday’s post you saw that I needed only 6 miles today to make my challenge pledge of 20 miles for the weekend ! Done It was a beauty run too, not fast but gorgeous. As you know I gravitate to water and today after […]

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Who wants to Streak with me? Runner’s World Challenge

WELL ? Ya wanna? I was toying with this for the last 24hrs as to whether or not I could commit to this. Then I realized its only 1 mile! That’s less than 10 minutes of my day! Surely I can take 10 minutes out of my day to run 1 mile. Here’s the link […]

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What’s Beautiful 20 mile challenge!

I do , I really do! Lately I have been slacking on my running due to my increased cross training of Crossfit. I had to change that! Running is what I love, I’m not fast , I’m NO pacesetter but I love my solo time out there, just me and my music! So – in […]

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Protein Chai Latte Frappe!!

Another fantastic copy recipe of a Starbucks frappe, yummo Protein Chai Tea Latte FYI – it’s sugar free too! 2 c milk , almond milk,coconut milk ; your choice) Lots of ice 1 pkg of Via coffee ( or instant) 4 pumps of Chai Tea Davinci SF syrup 1 scoop vanilla protein powder Whipped topping […]

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Under Armour What’s Beautiful Campaign

I joined, have you? Actually I joined a few weeks ago and never really got into it until yesterday. I saw all these awesome women posting with the hashtags #IWILL #whatsbeautiful and I knew I needed to get on over to the site and create and update my profile! Here are the details of the […]

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